Image 1:
In this image all though it was suppose to be a full body shot of my female model laying on a bed there was a slight problem with the angles i tried to shoot at made my model look deformed i also edited it in black and white as it looked better in black and white then it did in colour but other then that o am happy with the outcome if i was to change it next time i would use a location lighting pack instead of naturel lighting as this would effect the quality of the photo and also try and find other ways to follow my sketch as that was my original idea.

Image 2:
My second image did notcome out as i wanted as i needed my model to be on her side but i personally disliked the way the image looked so i keep it they way it is this is also in blck and white because one to match the theme of the one before and also it did look better with the black and white edit. Next time i would spend more time thinking about the image and maybe come up with a better idea for the image.

Image 3:
For my last image my third image although it was suppose to be a full body shot the lighting was all wrong for this image. This makes me think really hard that the next time i will use a location lightning pack to help achieve the write lightning, the reason is crop the way it is, is because the background is all wrong even though i wanted a bedroom location it didnt look like a bedroom. Maybe i shoulw of used a different point of view of the room maybe including a bed or the tv to make it look more like a bedroom. This photo is also in black and white to match the other two because i think the black bottle on the white skin makes the bottle stand out. This is my favourite image out of three.