Evidence of my work within a team:

In the exhibition I invited people to the event also I went and hand delivered invites. I Made a Facebook page inviting the whole of Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/237477253078801/?ref=ts&fref=ts). Also i mentioned it on Instagram and other social networks. I Helped the fundraising team by doing a sponsored silence and making £17 towards their funds also to help with the fundraising team i put something in the hamper


Before we opened I helped everyone put their frames together ready for hanging. I helped sweep and polish and cleaned the windows inside and out. I personally went to wilkos to buy wallpaper to decorate our venue. I helped on making the front desk looking nice and neat with the material and post cards. On the night I also helped with filling up drinks and talking to people about the work although I got some negatives comments. On the opening night I also helped selling the catalogue and postcards on the other days I helped by manning the venue for a few hours for two different days at the.