William Eggleston got his first camera when he was 18 he started off in black and white photographs. He would just go around taking snapshots of everyday things but when he ‘Dragged colour into the world of photography’ he still took the same type of photos (everyday things).In the video we watched he said ‘People ask me what i take photos of’, ‘I say life today’
he photographs items that we see but never take notice of.

After watching The Colourful Mr.Eggleston it has given me more or an insight to the world of photography.
I find his work fascinating and different to other photographers.
He is very original as he takes photos of everyday life that other photographers don’t bother to photograph.
He also has some photographs that have an old effect on it this inspires me to do the same with my photos.

William Eggleston hardly ever titles his photographs also what makes his photographs so different is he sometimes has things missing or something you would expect to see there that isn’t there, also he would chop things off like half a face for example. Most photographers would not to this. Thats why i like him as he is different and unique and i really like the style of his photographs.

By Shannon Jordan.