Picasso’s work is mainly faces with one eye bigger than the other or smiles bigger than the eyes another word faces which are out of proportion
to me this feels like he is giving the message nobody is perfect. Picasso’s work is also full of shapes and colour in every picture is it built up of loads of shapes to make up a messed up face this inspired me to do one of my final ideas

Alberto Seveso
I think Alberto’s work is beautiful its like a collage of different things to make up one thing
he has loads of work of people but there body is not actually a body but patterns, texture.
He has some colourful work but also some dull work i really like this.

Joao Oliveira
Joao’s work is full of shape loads of shape i find his work kind of boring but interesting at the same time
it still makes me think but theres nothing that actually stands out to me
I think if your looking for an artist that is good at pictures with shapes then Joao is definitely the person to look up
his work either has a white background or a dark one i think he could of made it look abit more interesting and eye catching.

Jerico Santander
Jerico’s work is beautiful out of the other three artist i think jericho’s work is my favorite
its strange and wonderful at the same time theres things like a girl riding a horse with a teapot blowing bubbles so original i have never seen anything like it or the guitar tree that looks like its floating in the sky. Jerico is showing us thing that don’t even exist.
Jericos work is full of odd shapes and colour the reason why i like this work more then the others.