Nan Goldin took this photo in 1993 of Gotsch kissing his boyfriend Gilles. Gilles was in hospital suffering from AIDs which became popular in the late 70’s-80’s. Everyone one was disappearing because of AIDS sadly Gilles was one of them who was affected by the disease  AIDS were caused by having unprotected sex and also sharing needles when taking heroin this helped spread AIDS faster.

This photograph stayed with me more then the other photos that appered in the video we watching in shows a lot of emotion because Gotscho was saying goodbye to gilles the love of his life,he said ‘he cant be with nobody else but him’.This must of been very painful to him as he was slowly watching his loved one waste away until he died. Gotscho shows us that no matter what disease gilles had still loved him no matter what. This shows us the power of what love can do.
Gilles turned a very pale off colour. His face and body became skinnier as you can tell in the photograph that Nan took. Nan said ‘I take photos to preserve memories  i guess this is her way of preserving a memory of Gilles who sadly died of AIDS.
As pictures of aids was very shadowed in the late seventies and eighties as it was disease that frighten everybody and that everybody could get nobody hardly knew about AIDS and they didn’t know the consequences  people were just told to use protection and not take drugs or share needles and there was lack of information and pictures of people with aids apart from in Africa. There should’ve been more pictures around the world of everyday people who had aids not just people who suffered with it in Africa to help raise awareness of AIDS.
By Shannon Jordan.