The picture I have chosen from the Tate that is most memorable to me is the one of the little boy with someone holding a gun to his head and he is smiling and his is in the middle of two girls.

This picture is most memorable because it’s a picture of a little boy with a gun to his head but he is smiling, so is the to girls next to him. But why would you smile when you have a gun held to your head?

It looks like its set in the middle of the street and it looks like one of the girls are holding the little boys hand behind his back. The little boy seems to be taking something out of the hand of the person who is holding the gun to his head.

This picture feels like to me that the person holding the gun didn’t want to be identified as his head has been cropped out the photo so you can only see his from his shoulders down.

We don’t know if it’s a lady.

I think it is a lady holding a gun as the bottom half looks like a raggy skirt or dress and you can see long hair behind her back. We don’t know the relationship between this women and the boy. It could be his mum or just a random Lady if it is a lady.

This makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable as to me it looks like a mum and her children, but why is she holding a gun to his head? You don’t see a mother holding a gun to their child’s head! Its not an everyday thing so that’s what makes me change my mind and think it’s a random lady but then there’s that question again why would a random lady put a gun to a little boys head? It also confuses me as to why him and the little girls are smiling? Like there is nothing wrong with it.

This photo makes me think a lot, it confuses me, as we don’t know the story behind this picture or behind the people in the photo. But the photo itself tells a story in its own way it also makes the people looking at it ask any questions.

Out of all the photos I saw at the Tate modern I think this one is my favourite it makes me think more then the other photographs I saw.

By Shannon Jordan.