• Select the photo you want and open into Photoshop. NOT raw do all editing in the RAW converter
  • After selecting the photo you want to use as a texture drag it from the desktop to the image in photoshop to open as another layer
  • Use command T to resize the photo and if you hold shift as you resize to ensure the actual photo size properties remain.
  • if the photo is blurey then hit return and then  photoshop will add pixels to the photo to make it clear.
  • Select a layer style to blend the texture into the photo nicely. 
  • Use the erazer tool to remove parts of the texture that you do and done want. make sure you zoom in by pressing command and the ‘+’ key or zoom out by pressing the command key and the ‘-‘ this will help you make your photo look better
  • use the oppacity to help blend it in ( to make it fade or unfade) 
    then your done